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A cost forecasting tool designed for Project Managers!

Move your project cost forecasts from spreadsheets to CostFrame™ to gain maximum reliability and repeatability from your cost forecasting process.

A simple, secure and cost-effective cloud tool specifically designed for cost forecasting in the ever changing environment of project management. Check out our pricing page for more details.

Trusted by tier-one contractors on more than
$20 billion of live projects in Australia.

The Project Managers' Cost Forecasting Tool

Developed in collaboration with industry, this is a tool that is better than spreadsheets but simpler and cheaper than a full-blown enterprise project management system. Frame your project cost forecast with CostFrame™. Check out some of our popular features.

  • Forecast securely in a system

    Multiple-user access so individuals can work in their own cost accounts, then data can be aggregated together into Project Groups and whole-of-project level.

  • Export/Import

    Users can forecast directly in the system, or export/import with a spreadsheet template. Either way, the detail ends up in the system, which ensures reliability in the calculations

  • No more formula errors

    Regular templates that are always the same, creating a reliable outcome. No more errors in the spreadsheet formulas or accidental over-typing of calculated values.

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CostFrame can be used as a stand alone product or as part of the ControlPro suite.

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